Shenanigans with leggy Lilly

Lilly Slaptsilli (real name Clive Allardyce) in the poster for her first solo show, Shenanigans, headed for Kloof in June.


IF, years ago, you were a regular visitor to Durban’s now-defunct Lango’s Supper Theatre, behind the old Langoustine Restaurant in Durban North, you would be sure to remember Mince… the dishy drag duo, not the meal.

Mince, of course, was the sensational and shapely Cape Town team of Lilly Slaptsilli and Keiran Legacy, who looked a million dollars in mostly designer outfits, had lip-sync down to a T and tackled hilarious, sometimes poignant, songs with excellence.

Well, the good news is that while the talented twosome has called it a day, Clive Allardyce – better known as the leggy, lovely and hilarious Lilly – is alive, well and still tottering on heels as his alter ego.

Even better news is that Lilly has starting doing solo shows (“one man, all woman” is the tagline) and will be bringing her acclaimed Shenanigans mini spectacle to Durban’s Rhumbelow Theatre branch at Tina’s Hotel, 14 Beryldene Road, Kloof.

The glamazon is booked in from Wednesday to Sunday, June 13 to 17, staging Shenanigans at 8pm nightly, but only at 2pm on the Sunday. This follows a recent sold-out season of the show in the Cape.

the irresistible Lilly Slaptsilli… back with 12 lip-sync tributes.

Mince was born when singer and show producer David Kramer needed a fill-in production in 1995 at Cape Town’s  DK Rd Theatre. Then the drag duo became the resident show at that city’s On Broadway venue for more than 17 years. The duo also travelled extensively locally and abroad,

With Shenanigans, expect lashings of laughter, music and mischief as Lilly tackles a variety of songs, moving seamlessly from a smouldering Jessica Rabbit one minute, to Carol Burnett and Whoopi Goldberg the next.

The lip-sync songsheet also features nods to Tina Turner and Pam Am, and a classic, hilarious Lilly routine – set to the complicated scatting of Ella Fitzgerald as she tackles How High the Moon – is also here.

Expect everything from glamorous feathers and frocks to wigs and cigs, shoes and booze.

“Be warned this show is not for the faint-hearted – bring your blood pressure meds and adult nappies if you have to,” says a press release for the show, which has a 16 age restriction.

“Another strong aspect of the production is the hilarious video skits played during costume changes. Expect a frisky mix of humour, dance, music and fashion – with an insider wink on socio-political pop culture.”

“Sometimes crude, sometimes comical, sometimes crass – but always classy –Shenanigans is a camp, comedic romp for audiences of all sexualities and perversions,” the release adds.

Spread the word that Lilly is sure to be an absolute must. Booking is now open via the theatre group’s Roland Stansell (at 082 499 8636) – and you are warned in advance to book early, as the popular Miss Lilly has a legion of local fans!

The venue opens 90 minutes before the performance for drinks. No food may be brought into the venue but anyone keen for a bite could consider visiting the Tina’s Hotel restaurant before or after the show. To book a table for the restaurant phone (031) 764 7843.

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