Complying with POPIA


NOTE that is dedicated to protecting subscriber information and, in compliance with South Africa’s POPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act, which came into effect on July 1, 2021, the site wants to ensure that subscribers remain happy to receive email and information. 

The Act serves to protect subscribers and their personal data – and respects subscriber privacy. The site’s database is securely stored according to best practice, access is strictly controlled and the site does not share subscriber information with third parties. 

As a subscriber you are automatically emailed a copy of a story as it is posted to the site. If you’d like to continue to hear from regularly then simply sit back and relax. You are herewith notified, however, that you may exercise your right by leaving the mailing list. To do so, simply click the unsubscribe button.

During these difficult times, when the leisure, hospitality, arts and associated industries are haemorrhaging due to inability to trade to their full capacity, relies increasingly on its ability to share appropriate information to interested parties. The site will, of course, continue to do so with compliance and good faith.

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