Sound Bites: Tanner Wareham

Tanner Wareham… rates Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendez and The 1975 among the most over-rated personalities in the music business.

BILLY SUTER with an occasional column in which he chats to popular musicians about their musical likes and dislikes. The spotlight is on Durban singer and multi-instrumentalist TANNER WAREHAM, who heads the band presenting Legends of Reggae. The show is to be staged at the Rhumbelow Theatre at Tina’s Hotel in Kloof at 8pm on Friday and Saturday (February 28 and 29) and 2pm on Sunday (March 1). Tickets cost R160 each (R140 for pensioners) and booking is at Computicket or by phoning Roland Stansell at 082 499 8636.

Latest news from you?

I am close to releasing my debut single which will be followed by the release of an EP soon, after which I will launch of the official Tanner Wareham brand on all platforms. I am still performing all around Durban and have my first Joburg and Cape Town shows in the next few months as well. I am also lined up for this year’s Splashy Fen Music Festival near Underberg.

What is your favourite song right now?

Hot Blood by Kaleo.

The last album you bought – and why?

I stream on the Spotify platform so I stream albums. The last physical album I bought was Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown. I was a big punk rock fan when I was in my early teens and I love the catchiness and arrangements of the songs on that record.

Two of your favourite songs of all time?

 Snow by Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Guillotine by Jon Bellion.

Three of the finest albums ever?

One is Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Probably my favourite band of all time and this is one album that has a song for every time and every person. It shows off the best aspects of the Chili Peppers.

An Awesome Wave by Alt J is also a favourite. It was so unique and mesmerising, especially to a musical ear listening in an intimate setting. It was one of the really artsy musical masterpieces of modern times that also managed to succeed commercially. I could’’t stop cycling through it and falling asleep to the sound.

My third choice would be Milky Chance’s Sadnecessary. I love the blend of acoustic and electric guitar with a produced beat and simple raw vocals that are so easy to remember and catch on to, but also are unique and imperfect. The songs have the perfect grooves for all occasions. It also easily translates live.

Song you hate the most right now?

Godzilla by Eminem.

Worst song in history?

Baby by Justin Bieber.

Song you most associate with your teens?

The Way I Are by Timbaland.

Song you most associate with your early childhood years?

Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.

The size of your music collection and the artists most represented there?

I stream off Spotify so I have access to everything all the time. The artists that most occur in my recent playlist are Jon Bellion, Hippo Campus and Lewis Del Mar.

Favourite radio station and DJ?

I don’t listen to radio but if I had to say, then probably Nick Hamman on 5FM. I used to love John Savage on 5FM.

The local artists you most admire?

Desmond and The Tutus, Shortstraw and Monark.

Artists from abroad that you most admire?

Jon Bellion, Lewis Del Mar and Milky Chance.

Most over-rated people in the recording business?

Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendez and The 1975.

Pet hate/s about the music scene in South Africa?

Getting people to support acts that aren’t massive and supporting them and venues consistently. The country also needs to set up more stages and platforms, with bigger budgets, for smaller artists to make a living and invest in themselves.

For up-and-coming artists with great songs it can seem impossible to find the right people to help produce your music, so that it has international potential, and to do it affordably. Radio, in general, also needs to have a platform to promote great artists that aren’t necessarily overfly commercial.

The one music act you would give the world to see perform live?

Twenty One Pilots.

Ever asked a music personality for an autograph?


Music acts you have seen live and loved?

Alt J, Milky Chance, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shortstraw, Gangs of Ballet, Cat Empire, Eminem, Desmond and The Tutus and Foo Fighters.

Best singing star ever?

Freddie Mercury.

The greatest musician of all time?

Matt Bellamy.

Best band in history?

Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The styles of music you most enjoy – and least enjoy?

I enjoy rock, pop, reggae and funk. I least enjoy country, R&B and rap.

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