Sound Bites: Jason Andrew

Jason Andrew, bassist with hit Durban tribute band, The Reals.

BILLY SUTER with an occasional column in which he chats to popular musicians about their musical likes and dislikes. The spotlight is on JASON ANDREW, the popular bassist with hit Durban tribute band, The Reals. Andrew is currently performing with The Reals in a revival and fresh tweaking of the team’s A Tribute to Dire Straits. It is being staged at the Umbilo Rhumbelow Theatre, in Cunningham Road, at 8pm this Friday (February 7) and Saturday (February 8), and 2pm on Sunday (February 9).  The show will then be staged Fridays to Sundays, from February 14 to 23, at the Rhumbelow theatre at Tina’s Hotel, Beryldene Road, Kloof. Tickets cost R160 each and booking is at Computicket or by phoning Roland Stansell at 082 499 8636. Stansell can also discuss discount specials for the show.

What is your favourite song right now?

Memories by Maroon 5. I am truly loving this song.

The last album you bought?

There were two, bought together. One was by Seb Goldswain and the other by Carmen Rodrigues. I am trying to support local artists that way.

Two of your favourite songs of all time?

Come Undone by Robbie Williams and Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits

Three of the finest albums ever?

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac is one. I realised I loved it after the Fleetwood Mac tribute show The Reals put on last year. Also great is Metallica’s Black. I heard that one in high school and it got me loving guitar.

The third would be Scooters Union’s Vivid Memories of Static. I got to play some of the songs from that with some of the original members of the band whose late Danny Majors was a killer bass-player.

Song you hate the most right now?

I don’t think I have one, atlhough there’s a Keith Sweat song playlisted on East Coast Radio right now that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Worst song in history?

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. This song got me a ‘dead leg’ by my sister on the long road. She can punch. Sho

 Song you most associate with your teens?

Jump by Kris Kross.

Song you most associate with your early childhood years?

Mother of Mine by Neil Reid. Our choir song. I think we won some contest with that one

The size of your music collection and the artists represented most there?

Incredibly diverse – anything from Terence Trent D’Arby to The Shadows and Spinal Tap.

Favourite radio station and DJ? 

ECR and the new fella, Neil Green, who plays some groovier tunes.

The local artists you most admire?

Johnny Clegg, Steve Fataar, Dawn Selby, Barry Thomson, Rusty Red, The Blues Train posse and a boatload more. They all keep music in KwaZulu-Natal breathing.

Artists from abroad that you most admire?

Dilana, Seether, James Blunt (great live), Live and Wishbone Ash. I also like Robbie Williams and Michael Buble… and a lot more.

Most over-rated people in the recording business?

At the moment, I am not seeing a lot of good stuff about the South African Music Rights Organisation (Samro).

Pet hate/s about the music scene in South Africa?

Lack of venues locally, to put in bigger shows.

The one music act you would give the world to see perform live?

Queen of yesteryear.

Ever asked a music personality for an autograph?

I have: Duncan Faure, Indecent Obsession and Steve Fataar. Also, jazz artists Liz Mandeville Jimmy D Lane Playing with the last two artists was amazing.

Music acts you have seen live and loved?

Live, Counting Crows, Metallica, James Blunt and Flat Stanley from Cape Town (the best percussionist ever).

Best singing star ever?

Robbie Williams.

The greatest musician of all time?

I’ll go with Lindsay Buckingham, based on a live interview I saw.

Best band in history?

Hard one. I really loved Wishbone Ash when they were out here. But I’m going to say Queen.

The styles of music you most enjoy – and least enjoy?

At the moment, I’m liking reggae and some rock. I least enjoy cheeseball R& B and then only certain people.

The most embarrassing artist represented in your music collection – and why is it there?

I’m sad to say, based on his live performance here, Rodriguez. I have to say the man’s 1ast night in concert in Durban wasn’t his fault. In my opinion , the soundman couldn’t mix a cup of coffee. Rodriguez’s early material is the bomb. It’s in my collection because I love the depth of his lyrics.

The one song that will always be guaranteed to get you on to a dancefloor.

Jamiriquai’s Little L.

The musical teaming you would most like to see?

Arno Carstens and Karen Zoid

Your choice of karaoke song?

Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (Will B remix).

The first song you ever performed for an audience?

Let Her Cry by Hootie and the Blowfish.

Guilty pleasure: a song you really feel you shouldn’t enjoy, but secretly do?

Lisa se Klavier – the Dozi version.

Worst decade for music?

The 2000s

Instruments you can play?

Bass, euphonium and a little bit of trombone.

The song you’d like to be played at your funeral?

He Ain’t Heavy by The Hollies.

The song you find the saddest?

Have You Ever Wondered by Paul Fuhri. It asks questions many of us ask at some stage, and which don’t always have answers. R.I.P Paulie, you biscuit!

Two dead icons you’d most like to invite to dinner?

Tom Petty and ‘the gambler’ that Kenny Roger’s sings about.

One thought on “Sound Bites: Jason Andrew

  1. It was so nice to read on Jason and what his likes and dislikes are. I have to agree about Zoidster and Arno they are magical.

    Loved Jason bass guitar play in Dire straits last year at the Casino near airport.

    Also enjoyed Neil Diamond and the best Rhumbelow area is Umbilo
    So much space.


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