Sound Bites: Dylan van der Linde

Fitness fan, personal trainer and drummer Dylan van der Linde.

BILLY SUTER with an occasional column in which he chats to popular musicians about their musical likes and dislikes. The spotlight is on dreadlocked Durban drummer and personal trainer DYLAN VAN DER LINDE, currently starring alongside his saxophonist wife, Kirsty, in Rock ’n’ Roll Nerds: The Piano Greats. After a July season at Kloof’s Rhumbelow Theatre, the show is to be staged at 8pm this Friday and Saturday (September 7 and 8) and 2pm this Sunday (September 9) at the Rhumbelow Theatre in Cunningham Road, Umbilo. Tickets cost R150 (R130 for pensioners) and booking is at Computicket or by calling Roland at 082 499 8636. For my review of the show click here:


Latest news from you?

I recently finished a long, eight-month stint at the Rockwood Theatre at Sibaya Casino, while also doing the odd wedding and corporate event here and there. I am currently drumming in Rock and Roll Nerds: The Piano Greats, running  this weekend only at the Rhumbelow Theatre branch at Tina’s Hotel in Kloof.

What is your favourite song right now?

Ye I E by an artist called Itusings. I had the honour of working with him a few weeks ago. Great artist and a great person.

The last album you bought?

Love Overflowing by Mike Love – great musicality combined with powerful lyrics

Two of your favourite songs of all time?

Wildflower by Tom Petty and Permanent Holiday by Mike Love.

Three of the finest albums ever?

Legend: Best of by Bob Marley and the Wailers. It contains all 10 of their chart-topping hits. Also, Thriller by Michael Jackson. I spent a great deal of my childhood listening to this album and it brings back some very happy memories.

Third on my list would be Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles. It was completely different to anything previously released by the band and showed a complete shift in consciousness which may be why it wasn’t the best received album of the time.

Durban’s Dylan van der Linde with guitarist Dave Knott in promo shots for their show, Rock ”n’ Roll Nerds: The Piano Greats,.

Song you hate the most right now?Durban’s 

Kool Soos Koos Kombuis by Snotkop.

Worst song in history?

Any modern dance song. It’s all the same song, isn’t it?

Song you most associate with your teens?

AC/DC’s Back in Black.

Song you most associate with your early childhood years?

Wildflower by Tom Petty.

The size of your music collection and the artists represented most there?

My music collection is not very big because I have such specific tastes. Mike Love and Xavier Rudd, both reggae artists, are the most represented.

Favourite radio station and DJ?

I don’t listen to radio so I can’t really give an honest answer.

The local artists you most admire?

Johnny Clegg. Also, Mango Groove – I had the honour of being personally mentored by Neill Etridge, the drummer for this group, for a couple of months while living in Johannesburg.

Artists from abroad that you most admire?

Mike Love.

Most over-rated people in the recording business?

Pretty much all new Afrikaans modern pop artists.

Pet hate/s about the music scene in South Africa?

I can’t really say I have any. It’s a blast being a muso in SA. There’s a lot of opportunity in any music direction you chose to go, with a wide range of culture and diversity.

The one music act you would give the world to see perform live?

The Lord of the Rings Symphony.

Ever asked a music personality for an autograph?


Dylan van der Linde hams it up.

Music acts you have seen live and loved?

Nobody really internationally. However, seeing Durban’s Barry Thomson perform Dire Straits at Hillcrest’s Heritage Theatre many years ago is one performance that I have never forgotten.

Best singing star ever?

Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge.

The greatest musician of all time?


Best band in history?

The Beatles.

The styles of music you most enjoy – and least enjoy?

I most enjoy classical and reggae, and least enjoy Afrikaans pop music.

The most embarrassing artist represented in your music collection – and why is it there?

Jessie J’s Do It Like a Dude. It is a good song to get the ladies in my fitness classes inspired to have a good workout!

The one song that will always be guaranteed to get you on to a dancefloor?

You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman. This was the first dance at my wedding a year ago… and marked the last time I was on a dancefloor.

The musical teaming you would most like to see?

Dave Weckl and Chick Corea – in my opinion the best drummer and pianist of all time.

Your choice of karaoke song?

I’d rather die than go to karaoke!

The first song you ever performed for an audience?

Eric Clapton’s Cocaine.

Guilty pleasure: a song you really feel you shouldn’t enjoy, but secretly


You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story.

Worst decade for music?

Without a doubt, the ’90s.

Hottest-looking music celebs?

Selena Gomez.

Instruments you can play?

Drums and bass.

The song you’d like to be played at your funeral?

While I’m Gone by Xavier Rudd.

The song you find the saddest?

Michael Jackson’s Earth Song. It really highlights for me the destruction that the human race is causing to the planet, due to our own agendas and what we supposedly have to gain from these.

Two dead music icons you’d most like to invite to dinner?

Bob Marley and Tom Petty.

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