Teens and music from the movies

A scene from Glenwood in Motion which has four performances in Durban this week. The song-and-dance revue has a cast of 70 teens.


DURBAN singer-actress Marion Loudon, a former Durban Theatre Personality of the Year award-winner, seen in countless showband tributes and also in the KickstArt theatre company hits Into the Woods, Cabaret and Chicago, among other successes, turns her talents to direction this week.

Now in her first year of teaching drama at Glenwood High School, Loudon has created Glenwood in Motion, a colourful song-and-dance revue featuring 70 pupils from the school and other schools, performing hit songs from popular movies.

Performances have been scheduled for the school hall at 7pm today (Wednesday, August 16) and 7pm nightly from Thursday to Saturday, August 17 to 19. Tickets cost R50 each and booking is by phoning (031) 2055 241.

A highlight of Glenwood in Motion – a salute to Moulin Rouge.

“This has turned into such a sweet and fun show,” explains Loudon, adding that people should see it because “all the songs are so well known, and there are a lot of movie clips used too”.

The show pays tribute to classic films such as Saturday Night Fever and Singing in the Rain, as well as Ghostbusters, Men In Black, Grease, Batman Forever, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Dirty Dancing, Sister Act, Moulin Rouge and Burlesque, among others.

“There are also some surprises – watch for a cameo performance from our First rugby team, and a few number s from one of our English teachers. Also of note is Jai Ho, a routine from the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire, choreographed by one of the cast members ,Tatiana Pillay, from Maris Stella School,” says Loudon.

Also of note is that another teacher plays Elvis Presley in the show

Glenwood in Motion features choreography by Durban’s Leigh Meyer.

“I had fun putting the show together but it was not without its challenges,” says Loudon, adding that getting full commitment from the teenagers proved a little difficult.

“They had to be in so many places – extra Maths, rugby training, frisbee (no lies) – that it was very seldom that we ever rehearsed with a full cast. But it all turned out well in the end.”

A tribute to the hit film, The Full Monty. A scene from Glenwood in Motion.
Another standout moment from Glenwood in Motion.

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