This Day in Showbiz History… January 14



Actor Alan Rickman (pictured) died on this day in 2016, while Humphrey Bogart died on this day in 1957 and Oscar-winning actress Shelley Winters died on this day in 2006.

Celebrity birthdays today include former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl (53), actress Faye Dunaway (81) and rapper-actor LL Cool J (54). Jason Bateman turns 53 today, Emily Watson turns 55 and director Steven Soderbergh turns 59.

Another celebrity born on this day, in 1904, was costume designer Cecil Beaton, who died in 1980. His costumes included those for the Broadway production and film version of My Fair Lady.

It was on this day in 1972 that Sanford & Son, starring Redd Foxx, premiered on NBC TV in America, while on this day in 1954, the Sandy Wilson musical, The Boyfriend, premiered in London. Also of note is that Fosse, a dance salute to choreographer Bob Fosse, opened on Broadway on this day in 1999.

Soley Soley by Middle of the Road climbed to the top of South Africa’s Springbok Radio Top 20 this week in 1972. It enjoyed four weeks crowning the chart. Just saying…