This Day in Showbiz History… May 25


Comedian Mike Myers (pictured), star of the films Shrek and Austin Powers, turns 58 today, while actress Anne Heche turns 52 and Muppets master Frank Oz turns 77.

Actor Ian McKellen turns 82 today, actor Cillian Murphy turns 45 and actress Octavia Spencer turns 51. Musician Miles Davis, who died in 1991, aged 65, was born on this day in 1926.

This day in 1878 marked the premiere, in London, of the Gilbert and Sullivan success, HMS Pinafore, which also happened to be the day legendary Broadway performer Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson was born.

This day in 1968 marked the release of the Rolling Stones hit, Jumping Jack Flash, and this day in 1962 marked the release of the Isley Brothers success, Twist & Shout.

Footloose by Kenny Loggins topped the South African singles chart on this day in 1984. It spent two weeks crowning the chart. Just saying…