This Day in Showbiz History… March 30


Lauren Bacall (pictured) starred in the musical Applause, based on the Bette Davis film All About Eve, which opened on Broadway on this day in 1970. Ron Fields directed the musical which saw Bacall take a Tony Award for best actress. Fields won for direction and choreography, and the show was also named Best Musical.

Also of note is that on this day in 2000, The Lion King – the winner of the 1998 Tony Award for Best Musical – chalked up its 1 000th performance on Broadway.

Celine Dion turns 55 today, Tracey Chapman turns 59 and Norah Jones turns 44. Eric Clapton turns 77 and Rolf Harris turns 93. Actor Robbie Coltrane was born on this day in. He died, aged 72, in October 22.

On this day in 1973, We Believe in Tomorrow by Freddy Breck rose to the top of the Springbok Radio chart, where it remained for five weeks. Just saying…