This Day in Showbiz History… August 14


Comic actor Steve Martin (pictured) and German film director Wim Wenders both turn 73today, while Oscar-winner Halle Berry turns 52 and musician David Crosby turns 77.

Larry Graham, former bassist with Sly and the Family Stone, turn 72 and actress Marcia Gay Harden turns 59 today.

A movie called Student of Prague became the first feature film to be shown on the BBC on this day in 1938, while this day in 1965 marked the wedding of Oscar-winner Jane Fonda and film director-producer Roger Vadim, 10 years her senior at 37.

South African artist Jody Wayne climbed to the top of the South African singles chart on this day in 1970, remaining there for three weeks, with The Wedding. And on this day in 1974, Leo Sayer was on top of the LM Radio chart, with One Man Band. Just saying…