‘Dancing Archives’ on YouTube

Vincent Mantsoe’s KonKoriti at the 2016 Jomba! contemporary dance festival in Durban. Picture by Val Adamson.

THE University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Centre for Creative Arts, and the Jomba Contemporary Dance Experience present their second annual edition of the Jomba! Masihambisane Dialogues #2, a free three-day online dance colloquium on YouTube, which runs from May 25 to 27.

Aiming to support the growth of scholarship and dialogue as it affects the evolving development of dance, physical performance and its relationship to history, memory and our current society, these 2022 dialogues take the theme of “Dancing Archives”.

“The purpose of these dialogues is to stimulate robust discussions and debates over ideas of how embodied dance archivists (artists, scholars and curators) can be agents of change in how they create and think about an archive,” explains Dr Lliane Loots, a lecturer at UKZN and the Chair of the Colloquium Steering Committee.

“We want to look at how and what is remembered, and this specifically in decentring capitalist, heteronormative, able-bodied patriarchy within the frames of, among other ideas, decoloniality and post-coloniality.”

Keynote speakers will include Nadine Mackenzie from Unmute Dance Company. They will be joined, over the three days of the colloquium, by artists such as Gregory Maqoma, Sonia Radebe, David April and Vincent Mantsoe. Continental voices, specifically looking at the role of dance festivals in remaking African archives, include Quito Tembe (Mozambique) and Adedayo Liadi (Nigeria).

The dialogues also welcome a range of local and international, young and established dance and performance scholars who will be sharing their works and ideas on this digital platform in carefully curated sessions. The final outcome of the dialogues will be an edited collection of papers (both written and digital) that will freely be available in the Jomba! Masihambisane archives to read and watch.

The international editorial and steering committee include Dr Mbongeni Mtshali (UCT), Prof Yvette Hutchison (University of Warwick, UK), Clare Craighead (DUT), Dr Sarahlegh Castelyn (University of East London, UK), Dr Lliane Loots (UKZN), Gift Marovatsanga (UniZul), David April (UP) and Thobile Maphanga (UKZN).

The Jomba! Masihambisane 2022 Dialogues will be live-streamed on May 25, 26 and 27 to the Jomba! YouTube Channel and can be accessed free of charge: https://www.youtube.com/jomba_dance

Access the full three-day programme via:  https://jomba.ukzn.ac.za/masihambisane-dialogues/ 

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