SA adventure and the longest date

Contestants on SABC3’s new adventure reality series, The Longest Date, starting on February 11.


A NOVEL new extreme-adventure dating game series, The Longest Date, is scheduled to run on SABC3 every Monday night from February 11.

An original format show created for SABC3 by Samantha and Graeme Moon, The Longest Date is to be hosted by singer-actor Christopher Jaftha.

“Our viewers are in for a treat to witness the beauty of SA’s landscape, conjuring romance and thrill-seeking adventure. We push boundaries in this social experiment to see how people develop relationships in a space that is conducive for romance,” says Shanitha Rathilal Bhageloo, Head of Genre: Entertainment.

“It’s not only about the thrill of the chase but finding commonalties when we need someone to cling to in an unfamiliar environment, which is interesting to see. While the stakes are high the outcomes are very unpredictable – I can tell you that much!”

Over the course of 13 episodes, The Longest Date takes 16 ordinary, single South Africans on an epic journey to face their fears in gruelling challenges. Ultimately, it is a journey to find love and claim the grand prize of R100 000.

“The desire to find true love is universal. The sheer number of dating sites, professional matchmakers, mobile hook-up apps and research that shows people are getting married later than ever, proving that true love is hard to find.”

In a first of its kind, home-grown, original format, The Longest Date takes the diverse, interesting but unlucky-in-love singles and matches them into couples. The eight new couples then embark on a journey to experience the most extreme adventures Mpumalanga has to offer, all the while trying to make a love match.

The Longest Date revels in extreme adventure, but the best moments come from couples finding love in the most unexpected locations. In watching the show, the viewer gets to share the same sense of wonder and excitement at falling in love under intense circumstances, while surely wondering if they could take on such insane tasks themselves. The Longest Date requires that our couples put themselves on the line, both figuratively and literally.

“Fraught with drama, excitement and lots of real chemistry, the viewer will watch a romantic comedy play out in real life, with a cast of real people placed into extreme conditions.”

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