Online fundraiser for Eales film

Josette Eales (left) with Piper Perabo in the American television series, Covert Affairs.


FORMER Durban actress Josette Eales, based in Los Angeles for the past few years, is leading an online initiative to attract donations to make a film she has scripted and in which she will star – Killing Karen Soloway, a darkly comic look at the shadow side of social media.

“We want to bring you a professional and beautiful film that will bring inspiration to as many people as possible. Your financial contribution will make this a reality for not only production, but the cost of post-production, and getting Killing Karen Soloway out to the world via film festivals and various markets,” says Eales in her online plea.

The blonde actress, daughter of Durban skin care specialist Jennifer Eales, appeared in 80 episodes of the popular South African TV series, The Wild, as Sarah van Reenen, before she headed for America.

A University of KwaZulu-Natal drama graduate who won a bursary to the Royal Shakespeare Company in the UK, Josette is also a producer of the planned new film, for which, as of this morning, there have been 82 online donations. The sum of donations to date is $7827.

First seen on stage in Durban as a courtesan in KickstArt’s Dangerous Liaisons, among other successes, Josette Eales appeared in an episode of the US TV series, Covert Affairs, starring Piper Perabo as a CIA operative. She was also in the Leon Schuster movie, Mad Buddies.

Her latest project, Josette Into The Light, is a collection of poetry and essays, the culmination of all she has discovered on her journey back to ‘herself’.

Josette Eales has scripted and will star in Killing Karen Soloway.

Discussing Killing Karen Soloway, Eales says: “We follow Karen as she navigates her way into vulnerability to find connection and truth before she self-destructs. This is a timeous call to action for us all to take a deeper look, and perhaps laugh at our own very human behaviour.

“We believe this piece is ridiculously relevant right now and needs to be seen. We want this film to tour festivals, be screened at schools and colleges, and eventually find a home online to be witnessed and absorbed by young and old.”

This film asks people to remove their masks. Risk to reveal their real selves in the search for genuine human connection, she explains.

“Discover the possibility of allowing emotions and not suppressing them with addictions and crazy behaviour.  This film can and will have an impact. It’s a vital piece of storytelling for our current lived realities.A tonic for time.

“We are beyond excited to make this film and we’re inviting you to collaborate with us. Join our tribe. Let’s create together.”

The film will be directed by Chicago-born Skye P Marshall, who starred alongside Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino in the Lionsgate film, Misconduct. Marshall is described as a fearless leader with a wildly creative vision for this film, “and is considering every frame as a miniature masterpiece”.

Adds Eales: “Skye won’t stop until she has what she wants. She’s a United States Air Force Vet afterall, and a ridiculously successful actress in her own right. Her quick ascent to the upper realms of her industry are proof of her passion, skill and major tenacity.

“Skye has assembled a crew of equally talented people to work with on set and we are thrilled with her choices for departmental heads.  She’s supported by Bill Delaney as her assistant direct. Bill loved the project so much he’s also come on board as a producer.”

To find out more about the film project, its production crew and how to donate, click here:

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