Aussie water circus in Durban

Colourful costumes and daring acrobatic displays are among highlights of the touring Aqua: Aussie Circus Spectacular, now in Durban.


LAST in Durban in 2016, the touring Aussie Circus Spectacular is back in town, now at the corner of the M4 and Somtseu Road in the Stamford Hill area, where, from March 28 to April 15, it is to present 19 acts in an entertainment that features no animal acts and , this year, is titled Aqua. And, you guessed it, the show has a water theme.

An impressive second-half water act in Aqua: Circus Spectacular.

The circus, which has toured Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, is presented by Weber Bros Entertainment on a stage featuring water, and runs for two hours . It arrives in Durban  after proving popular in Richards Bay and Hillcrest.

Tickets can be booked at Pick N Pay, and on site. They range in price from R150 to R450.

The circus opens with the entire cast on stage, and sees The Queen of the Ocean lose all power to The Queen of Evil. Then two Russian men and women perform aerial acrobatics and tricks on the swing, before Mingo The Clown entertains and is followed by a man who performs four difficult breakdance styles.

Other highlights of the first half are a woman juggler, an aerial artist who performs with silks 10m up in the air and twin acrobats, while the first half closing act sees The Queen of the Ocean get her powers back from The Queen of Evil.

This leads to a 15-minute intermission during which the stage is broken down to expose a  great pool of water. The Queen of the Ocean then returns in a hammock 10m high, followed by two synchronized swimmers in large half-spheres with holes that provide an impressive shower as they are hoisted high above the crowd and water.

A mesmerisng second-act highlight of the touring circus.

The circus also features Mongolian acrobats, a former Olympian who performs aerial acrobatics, and an impressive act that the circus presented locally in 2016. It is the truly amazing ‘statue’ act by breakdancer Albert, who is so precise and focused on the way he controls another head in sync with his own, and who provides an ending that leaves audience members gasping.

The final act sees two cousins entertain on The Wheel of Death. This has them performing on and in a huge, two-sided, metal contraption that spins in a circular motion as they run up, down and in it.

At one point, one of the men jumps a skipping rope on the outside of the wheel while it’s spinning.and then it gets even worse when one of the men takes on the wheel while blindfolded.

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