The week’s Expresso line-up

Expresso presenters Katlego Maboe, Ewan Strydom, Zoe Brown, Graeme Richards and Leigh-Anne William. Picture by Gunther Schubert.


THE new Steven Spielberg film, The Post, teaming Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, is reviewed in the Tuesday, January 23, episode of Expresso, televised from 6.30am to 9am every weekday on SABC3.

South Africa’s award-winning breakfast show is hosted by Katlego Maboe, Ewan Strydom, Leigh-Anne Williams, Graeme Richards and Zoe Brown. It offers news and views on breaking showbiz events, as well as weather and traffic reports, lifestyle trends, food, fashion and recipes.

Tuesday’s show, marking episode 201 of the show, is also set to feature Sunset Sweatshop, a five-member, feel-good South African Goema rock group, while Dr Darren Green joins the team in studio to chat about “tummy health” and the Expresso chefs share a few recipes to help you ease your tummy ache.

The show is also scheduled to take a look at Zailab’s Zaitruck & Voices of Humanity project.

The Wednesday episode (January 24) will see one of the best Afrikaans music groups, Spoegwoelf, performing, while the team will chat about dealing with matric results in this week’s parenting advice segment.

In “Baby Business”, the team discuss what to feed babies from 10 months old. The “Culinary Hotline” answers viewers’ questions on budget meals and finds out what the top 10 most popular Google searches for 2017 were.

The episode on Thursday (January 25) is scheduled to look at OINK, the world’s first exhibition by a non-human artist; and the show also reviews the latest instalment of the popular science-fiction thriller, Maze Runner: The Death Cur. Also, award-winning kasi pop band, Native Young, entertains with a musical performance.

The group Goodlucks join Expresso on Friday morning (January 26) for a musical performance and a world=famous mystery magician makes an appearance on the show.

Zoe is set to demonstrate how to make a Green Terrarium and the Expresso chefs share a recipe for Crunchalot Marshmallow Bites.

Bobo Matjila joins the team for a chat about life as an international influencer and six South African adventurers plan to summit the world’s highest active volcano to raise awareness for the “Unlimited Child” a skills development non-profit organisation

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