TV series on the move after axing

Craig McLachlan and Nadine Garner in The Doctor Blake Mysteries, a new season of which starts on DStv’s ITV Choice at 8pm on Tuesday, December 5.


THERE is good news and bad news if you are a fan of the Aussie series, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, starring Craig McLachlan and Nadine Garner.

The good news is that a new series starts on DStv’s ITV Choice at 8pm on Tuesday, December 5 –  and word is that it is to be the most sensual season yet.

This fifth season of the show will end with a two-hour tele-movie, which ITV Choice viewers will get to see at 8pm on Saturday, January 30.

The bad news is that the movie was to have been the last fans got to see of Doctor Blake, as Australian public broadcaster ABC, which makes the series, has announced it is cancelling the show.

However, following outrage from fans around the world (the series is seen in more than 30 countries), Australia’s commercial broadcaster, Seven, recently confirmed that The Doctor Blake Mysteries would have a new home at the network.

It was further announced that the show would pick up two years after the events of the upcoming telemovie, with McLachlan and Garner reprising their roles.

There is no official word yet whether series six will be shown on DStv’s ITV Choice, but watch this space.

In last year’s fourth season, McLachlan’s Dr Lucien Blake and Garner’s housekeeper Jean Beazley were forced to put their love on hold after the shock appearance of Blake’s long-lost wife, Mei Lin (Ling-Hsueh Tang).

However, by season’s end, Mei Lin and Lucien had split, so now it is all systems go. Blake and Jean seem free to pursue their passion.

“There is a lot of romance in the new series,” Garner says in a DStv press release.

“There are two people madly in love with each other. In their heads they’re in bed with each other. That, for an audience, is, I think pretty erotic.”

However, there is a stumbling block. Blake has to get a divorce and Jean is deeply Catholic. That tension will drive a lot of the emotional content this season.

“For me this entire series is about Jean weighing up her faith with her love for this man. The church says to her ‘even if he does get a divorce, you’re a widow and you cannot marry him’.

“They are under the microscope of a very small town where people think they are living in sin even though nothing conjugal has happened between them.”

But will Lucien and Jean finally tie the knot or will producers keep the sexual tension simmering by finding other ways to keep them apart?

“I haven’t been able to go to the restaurant around the corner without the guy behind the counter saying, ‘Are you finally going to do it?’,” McLachlan says with a laugh.

“As much as it might drive the audience nuts they love it at the same time.”


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