‘Memoryscapes’ at Blue Caterpillar

A work by Durban’s Dianne van Wyk that forms part of her Memoryscapes exhibition in Pietermaritzburg.


DURBAN artist Dianne van Wyk is exhibiting until the end of November at Pietermaritzburg’s Blue Caterpillar Gallery which occupies two floors at the Butterflies for Africa complex at 37 Willowton Road, just off the N3 highway.

Van Wyk, who enjoys working with oils on canvas but has experience in most mediums, is presenting Memoryscapes, which, according to a gallery spokesman, captures real and imaginary places in a way that invokes an almost nostalgic reaction in the viewer.

“She has had a passion for art for most of her life, but Dianne has only recently been able to pursue this passion seriously. She enjoys working with oils, mostly on canvas, but has experience in mediums such as acrylics, inks and various other drawing media,” adds the spokesman.

Lake, a painting by Dianne van Wyk of Durban.

“Her focus is predominately on portraits and figurative work but she also paints landscapes, using her own technique and interpretation.

“When undertaking portrait and figurative work she likes to explore the individual’s human condition and the resulting emotions which make them visible through her paintings.

“Capturing the authentic character of the subject by dispelling the mask that is being represented or shown to the world, and this fascination of what is ‘behind the mask’, is why she pursues this particular subject matter.

“Di loves to be challenged by what she does. She continues to participate in numerous workshops to improve her skills, and enjoys learning and growing as an artist.

“She has also been involved in many group and individual exhibitions around South Africa and her work is gaining popularity in top homes and galleries around the country.”

Van Wyk studied for a three-year fine art NDP degree at the University of KwaZuklu-Natal, where she was awarded the second- year prize for Drawing and Design. She went on to be a finalist at both the 2008 Nivea Art Awards and the 2010 National Sasol New Signatures Awards.

The Blue Caterpillar Art Gallery, established in 2001, exhibits a wide range of styles and mediums covering both established and up-and-coming artists from South Africa and elsewhere. It also buys work by popular, well-established South African artists.

It is part of the Butterflies for Africa complex, where there is a walk-through butterfly house where visitors walk amongst butterflies (as well as birds, fish and even monkeys) from across the world.  There’s also a theme store, garden and a  coffee shop on the premises. The phone number is (033) 3871356

NOTE: See my  earlier feature on the Butterflies for Africa complex under this site’s  ‘Leisure’ category – accessed near the top of the cover page of sosuterbill.com

A section of the Blue Caterpillar Gallery at the Butterflies for Africa complex in Pietermaritzburg,


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