New on TV – from bakers to killers

The judges and host check out contestants’ cake displays in a scene from Food Network’s Extreme Cake Wars.


IF YOU are a fan of baking you are sure to enjoy Extreme Bake Wars and Bakers and Fakers, two new shows on DStv’s Food Network (channel 175).

Also headed for DStv soon is a new drama series, Hell on Wheels, set in post-Civil War America and examining the struggles and hardships of rebuilding and repairing that country after the bloodiest war there.

Another standout on DStv this month is the second season of Killer Women, with Piers Morgan.

Extreme Cake Wars started last night, October 13, on DStv’s Food Network (channel 175), and is a fun treat to be seen at 9pm Fridays.

Cake-making gets competitive in this baking contest, where showstopping creations can earn big money – but only one can walk away the winner.

Lorraine Pascal and contestants in Bakers and Fakers, starting on October 18 on DStv’s Food Network (channel 175).

It started with a showbusiness bash, where the executive producers of The Simpsons were looking for a cake impressive enough to celebrate the show’s success.

Then baking gets a superhero makeover when DC Comics looks for the best baker to create a centrepiece for their celebration, and fundamental skills are put to the test when the bakers make traditional wedding cakes.

With a $10,000 prize on the line each episode, baking is big business for those with the most impressive creations.

Bakers and Fakers, to be seen at 9pm on Wednesdays from October 18, also on the Food Network channel, has amateur bakers facing off against professional pastry chefs.

The series, hosted by celebrity cook Lorraine Pascal, offers a cash prize to contestants who must use unconventional ingredients to make treats sweet enough to beat the others in a blind taste test.

“Imagine using mustard in tarts, or beans in a campfire dessert! With expert cooks such as Sunny Anderson and Damiano Carrera making appearances as guest judges, both the amateurs and the pros will have to whip up their best to impress,” says a DStv spokesman.

Anson Mount, Colm Meaney and Robin McLeavy head the cast of Hell on Wheels, scheduled to start oi DStv’s Sundance (channel 108) at 9pm on Monday, October 23.

Hell on Wheels is said to examine the early US railroad’s institutionalised greed and corruption, the immigrant experience, the plight of the newly emancipated African-Americans during Reconstruction, and the ravaging of the Native American land and people, in the name of progress.

Killer Women, starting on DStv’s BBC Brit (channel 12) at 8pm on Friday, October 20, sees journalist and TV personality Piers Morgan embarking on a road trip across America.

Colm Meaney in Hell On Wheels. Picture by Chris Large/AMC

His mission is to conduct chilling interviews with women who have carried out unspeakable crimes, aiming to understand the complexities of each murder case and find out what drove these women to kill.

In series two, Piers meets Rebecca Fenton in Florida. She was convicted of killing her husband, Larry, by shooting him in their own home. For years, Rebecca nearly got away with the murder… until the FBI helped bring her to justice.

Piers also talks to Amber Wright, who planned and executed the gruesome murder of her 15-year-old  former boyfriend ,Seath Jackson. Amber lured Seath to a house in Summerfield, Florida, and then – along with five other people – shot and beat him to death.

Another show headed for BBC Brit this month is Carters Get Rich, a sitcom, starting at 9.30pm on Tuesday, October 17.

The Carters are an everyday working-class family from Milton Keynes. That is, until computer whizz Harry creates a social networking app called Honc that takes the world by storm.

Eleven-year-old Harry and his family are shocked when the app becomes the latest craze and is snapped up by an American billionaire, making them instant millionaires.

But while this whacky family’s lives are changed forever, how will they cope with their newfound fortune?

The show stars Rhashan Stone, Kerry Godliman, Rio Chambers and James Van der Beek.

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