Light, space, hues and shades

An oil on canvas by Alison Akal, on show in the Light and Space exhibition. Titled London Morning, it measures 80cm x 120cm.
A work by Michelle Irving titled Protea Field. It measures 80cm x 130cm.


A GROUP show of paintings, Light and Space, featuring work by Michelle Irving, Alison Akal, Haley Wright and Ilma Matthews, runs until Thursday, September 14, at Durban’s artSpace gallery at 3 Millar Road, off Umgeni Road.

Thereafter, from September 16 to 21, the gallery will present its sixth art exchange exhibition, Exchange and Artists’ Choice Award 2017. Then, from September 23 to October 12, the gallery will present Hues and Shades, a solo exhibition by Raja Oshi.

“In this crazy, busy, daunting space we live in, we felt it was time to reflect on our personal space and the light we were reflecting within it,” says a gallery spokesman of Light and Space.

Haley Wright’s 80cm x 100cm oil painting titled Tangerine Play Off, on show as part of the Light and Space exhibition.

“We observe objects and people around us to consider how they were perceived and welcomed within the space they occupy.”

The art exchange exhibition will culminate with an awards evening on Thursday, September 21.

“This is an artist-orientated event. We have fun and pay tribute to ourselves as artists.

“With most awards, the decision is made by a panel of judges and is often strangely influenced and rather baffling, but with our Artists’ Choice Award, only participating artists can vote for the best work on show. We believe this gives a respectful ear to our artists so their voices and choices can be heard.”

Each participating artist paid an entry fee and collected a 30cm x 30cm canvas (one per person) from the gallery from early August.

The exhibition will open on  Saturday, September 16, and will continue for a week. Voting will close at 4pm on September 21, with the Awards Evening starting at 6pm.

The theme is Border(s). In terms of definition, the obvious one is the border between two countries, but could also be the border to the edge of as pace or knowledge. It is also used in textile as a strip, or even, in a social context, as in “bordering on an insult”.

The Hues and Shades exhibition by Raja Oshi should be interesting, the artist, from Pietermaritzburg, pointing out that she enjoys adding texture to her surfaces, designing the shape and discovering new adventures.

“It is surprising every time you get a different outcome,” she adds.

Oshi makes her own material, considering it an essential step in the process, and adds: “I weave strips of canvas material together to make my own sort of canvas, with its own specialised texture and response to paint.

“When I rub my cloth ‘tapestry’ layers with cloths dipped in paint, it adds another dimension to my work. It begins to mix and overlap, different materials and layers of paint to reveal hints of colour coming through edges, layers and spaces.”

A work by Raja Oshi titled Stories. Her solo exhibition, Hues and Shades, opens in Durban on September 23.

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