Make your space a living dream


AFRICA’S premier décor, design and lifestyle exhibition portfolio – Decorex SA – is visiting the Durban Exhibition Centre from March 18 to 21, promising visitors a range of quality items and innovations destined to transform any home into a relaxation haven.

Co-sponsored by Plascon and Caesarstone, the exhibition allows access to a variety of globally influenced designs and trends which have been localised to suit the South African home.

Themed “Make your space your living dream”, the exhibition provides not only quality products and ideas to create the ultimate refuge, but also has the nation’s top trendsetters on-hand to offer insightful tips and guidance for personalised home and office décor.

“Our lives are constantly impacted by the fast-paced, electronic world,” said Sian Cullingworth, portfolio director for Decorex SA and 100% Design South Africa.

“This can negatively affect our senses if we don’t have a space that allows us to step back and have a moment of quiet introspection. We’re seeking refuge in silence, searching for a closeness with nature that, for many people, is an elusive reality, instead of something we immerse ourselves in daily.

“The 2017 theme, ‘Make your space your living dream’, leans towards this natural ethos within the home, creating a liveable haven that seeps calmness and inspires wholesome, introspective living.”

This anti-digital lifestyle trend which embraces a serene, sensitive, internalised narrative is reminiscent of the Danish ethos of ‘hygge’.


Stepping away from the constant electronic interaction of the outside world, people are embracing this notion of hygge which represents the warmth and wellbeing that can be found within our own spaces, specifically aimed at comfort and happiness.

By escaping the external noise, people are experiencing a better life and greater wellbeing in a calmer space. Cullingworth continued, saying that the creation of this relaxed environment can be found throughout the Decorex SA exhibitions which seek to soothe the senses through various home-enhancing features and culinary experiences.

“It’s all about textile furnishing that exudes an aura of relaxation and calm,” she explained. “The overload of sleek, smooth finishes that dominate the electronics’ industry means our bodies are desperately craving the feel of a textured environment.

“By including wood in our décor, using soft, natural, earthy tones in our wall finishes and furniture, as well as incorporating plants or plant ‘green’ prints, we feel closer to nature. There is also a strong connection between wellness and the colour green.”

Decorex Durban runs from 10am to 8pm daily, but on March 21 the hours are 10am to 6pm. Tickets cost R85 (R75 for pensioners; R20 for children under 12).

The show moves to Cape Town’s International Conference Centre from April 27 to 30. Hours are 10am to 6pm daily, and tickets cost R95 (R85 for pensioners; R20 for children under 12).

Next up is Johannesburg, at the Gallagher Convention Centre, from August  9 to 13. The exhibition will run from 10am to 6pm daily. Tickets: R120 (R100 for  pensioners; R20 for children under 12).

For more information, email or visit

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