Food, a fat man and 13 brides


TWO very different food-themed shows are headed for the little screen soon – one a series about a food anchor and journalist seeking a bride, the other centred on Britain’s Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty celebrating food.

Fat Man and 13 Brides, on SABC4 at 4pm on Saturdays from February 11, offers a mix of fun and food as it focuses on single-and-ready-to-mingle food anchor and journalist Bikramjit Ray on the lookout for a perfect bride.

His only criterion is that she should know how to cook the most delicious food he has ever tasted. But marriage is a tough place as he soon finds out, and he is far from making the category of the “catch”.

Bikramjit Ray in SABC3’s Fat Man and 13 Brides.

“Hilarity ensues as Bikramjit tries his best to impress the girls and their families, while at the same time wheedling out the most delicious recipes they have to offer. At the end of the show no one is fed up and everyone is fulfilled,” says a channel spokesman.

Ray, also known as Dada (Big Brother) of food, is a noted face of Indian television. That’s also because it’s hard to ignore his ‘large’ persona.

“He is a treat to watch, especially when he’s eating. A delectable platter of any food, that’s all it takes to light up the face of this food critic. Ray brings with him in-depth knowledge about cuisine from across the globe.”

Series four of Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club is headed for DStv’s BBC Lifestyle at 8pm on Wednesday, February 8.

The series sees Oliver and Doherty celebrating great food at their café on Southend pier, and revealing how to make feasts designed to add some serious culinary wow factor to anyone’s weekends.

“Jamie cooks show-stopping dishes to share with friends and family, including Asian-style seafood parcels, spiced lamb flatbreads, Gurkha chicken curry, mega meatball sub and surf ’n’’ turf Essex gumbo.

“Meanwhile, Jimmy explores the foods we all buy ready-made but we could actually be making at home – from British bangers and smoked salmon to sourdough, mozzarella and fresh coffee.

“Not only will they taste better, you’ll also know exactly what is in them too.

“Plus, a whole host of celeb friends pop in to learn how to cook the ultimate version of their favourite dish, from Orlando Bloom, Goldie Hawn and David Tennant to Jack Whitehall, Anna Friel and Fearne Cotton.”

Also, the boys are back on the road to continue their fight against food waste, focusing on unloved, but delicious British ingredients, including kid goat meat, Scottish langoustine, herring and a return visit to ugly veg.



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