Weddings, human pups and food


WEDDINGS pull the spotlight in a two series headed for DStv’s BBC Lifestyle in February, one of which is the first season of Super Secret Celebrity Weddings.

Scheduled to debut at 9pm on Sunday, February 5, the show promises to bring all the outrageous details centred on how celebrities will do just about anything to keep the gossip-obsessed media away from their weddings.

Among inserts is a piece on how pop diva Mariah Carey planned an over-the-top music video that was actually a sneak-attack wedding, and there is also a piece on why bullets flew at Gisele Büdnchen and Tom Brady’s secret Central American ceremony.

“From Nicole Kidman’s CIA-level stunts, to Scarlett Johansson’s clandestine wedding hideaway; From Brad Pitt’s cunning war against paparazzi to Beyoncé’s shocking incognito wedding entrance, we’re telling all the scandalous stories that the stars don’t want you to know,” says a channel spokesman.

Also keep an eye out for Married At First Sight, scheduled to start on the same channel at 8.30pm on February 12.

A scene from Love At First Sight.

This show sees three highly compatible couples, matched by a panel of experts, prepare to marry a total stranger, only meeting for the very first time on their wedding day.

“In this first series of Married at First Sight, after a year of rigorous testing and measuring, the panel of experts decide who will marry who. But meeting on the day of your wedding is full of social and psychological complexities. Will the couples even fancy each other?”

“After a busy day the newlyweds get some time alone before setting off on honeymoon. Five weeks later, will they decide to stay married,” says the spokesman.

Still with BBC Lifestyle, note that Human Pups, scheduled to start at 11pm on Sunday, February 5, sounds interesting.

Britain is a nation obsessed with dogs. There are nine million of them in the UK, with one-in-four households having a canine companion. But some people don’t just want to own a dog, they want to be one, says the BBC spokesman.

Human Pups introduces us to a previously unseen subculture of ordinary men who lead extraordinary double lives, dressing up in elaborate dog suits that cost thousands of pounds as they strive to become their very own pet.

“Human puppy play has become a global phenomenon in recent years and there are now an estimated 10 000 ‘human pups’ in the UK alone. But what makes these grown men covet doggy treats, belly rubs and squeaky toys? And why has it risen in popularity?”

From Crufts-style competitions to obedience training and finding a handler, being a human pup is just like being a dog, but fearing scorn and ridicule most have kept their alter egos a secret until now.

Getting under the skin of this weird and wonderful world, Human Pups explores what it takes to become a human pup, the impact it has on friends and loved ones and why, for some people, it has become a way of life.

Headed for BBC Lifestyle at 5pm on Sunday, February 19, is the second season of The House That 100K Built: Revisits.

A low-cost house building revolution is underway in the UK. With house prices rising and house sizes shrinking, brave individuals are taking things into their own hands and attempting to build new homes from scratch, for less than £100K.

“Keeper of design, architecture and digital at the V&A, Kieran Long, and architect Piers Taylor revisit some of the most inspiring £100k builds they’ve ever worked on. Their owners went through countless struggles to get the home of their dreams, but now they face one more challenge: getting everything just right,” says the channel spokesman.

“With budgets of only a few thousand pounds each, four couples must come up with ingenious solutions to problems as wide-ranging as how to make a large space feel warm and inviting, to how to craft the perfect staircase.

“There are fears and frustrations aplenty as Kieran and Piers help these homeowners to finish off their pride and joy on a shoestring budget. It’s now or never as they battle to complete their perfect homes for good.”

Jamie Oliver (right) and Jimmy Doherty with Goldie Hawn.

Also worth checking out on BBC Lifestyle next month is the fourth season of Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club, scheduled to start at 8pm on Wednesday, February 8.

This show sees Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty return to celebrate great food at their café on Southend pier – and the guys reveal how to make blowout feasts designed to add some serious culinary wow factor to your weekends.

Jamie cooks show-stopping dishes to share with friends and family, including Asian-style seafood parcels, spiced lamb flatbreads, Gurkha chicken curry, mega meatball sub and surf ’n’ turf Essex gumbo.

Meanwhile, Jimmy explores the foods many buy ready-made but could actually be making at home – from British bangers and smoked salmon to sourdough, mozzarella and fresh coffee.

“Plus, a whole host of celeb friends pop in to learn how to cook the ultimate version of their favourite dish – from Orlando Bloom, Goldie Hawn and David Tennant to Jack Whitehall, Anna Friel and Fearne Cotton.

“And the boys are back on the road to continue their fight against food waste, focusing on unloved, but delicious British ingredients, including kid goat meat, Scottish langoustine, herring and a return visit to ugly veg.”

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